I find great joy in teaching and mentoring. It has been my pleasure to teach many courses over the last several years and to build relationships with both undergraduates and graduate students.


2019-2020 Curriculum Mapping and Undergraduate Program Assessment 

2019 Teaching Assistant Excellence Award, UC San Diego Sociology

2018-2020 Graduate Writing Consultant, UC San Diego

2018 Associate In: Field Methods, UC San Diego Sociology

2017 Graduate Teaching Consultant, UC San Diego

2016-2017 Senior Teaching Assistant 

2016 Associate In: Economy and Society, UC San Diego

I have also invested in learning the craft of teaching by participating in classes at the Teaching and Learning Commons at UC San Diego, including the Introduction to College Teaching and the Summer Graduate Teaching Scholars Program.




Soc 121: Economy and Society

Soc 104: Field Methods



100% of those who evaluated me recommended me as an instructor



Soc 2: The Study of Society (intro course)

Soc 10: American Society: Social Structure and Culture in the U.S. 

Soc 60: The Practice of Social Research 

Soc 119: Sociology of Sexuality and Sexual Identities

Soc 120: Sociology of Drugs

Soc 125: Sociology of Immigration

Soc136E and F: Sociology of Mental Illness, historical and contemporary

Soc 137: Sociology of Food

Soc138: Genetics and Society 

Soc140: Sociology of Law

Soc150: Madness and the Movies



Teaching Scholars Program: Teaching Consultant for graduate students in the role of Instructor of Record, Teaching and Learning Commons, UC San Diego.


Hired onto a small team organized by UC San Diego's Teaching and Learning Commons and the UC San Diego Graduate Division to develop a university wide Teaching Assistant/Instructional Assistant handbook.

Hired by the Department of Sociology to serve as 2016-2017 Senior/Head Teaching Assistant to train, support, and facilitate pedagogy workshops for educators. 


Hired by the Teaching and Learning Commons and the Department of Sociology as the 2018-2019 Writing Consultant for graduate students across UC San Diego.


Participated in Sociology's flagship Research Apprentice Program. As one of a handful of participating faculty and graduate students, I interviewed and selected an undergraduate to mentor via research apprenticeship for two quarters.   



economic sociology, culture, work & occupations, medical sociology, organizations, social psychology, gender, race and ethnicity, religion, inequalities, stratification, social justice, public sociology, social welfare, methods, capstone/honors, pedagogy.

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