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I am trained as a cultural economic sociologist, with specific interests in work, organizations, and gender.


I am a qualitative researcher who uses interview and survey data to better understand the human experience. I enjoy the process of research design and value the practice of careful social science research.

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I am motivated by understanding the strategies that individuals use to perceive agency (power) over various types of well-being in their lives, as well as understanding how the individual use or internalization of culture enable or thwart social change. I am particularly interested in the beliefs about work that professionals use to interpret, control, or insulate themselves in the uncertain context of contemporary work.


My dissertation research (abstract here) focuses on a particular set of beliefs about the pursuit and experience of work passion. I call this set of beliefs the passion paradigm.

In secondary collaborative research, I study patient beliefs about illness and treatment.

I am also deeply interested in inequalities, with particular interests in effective pedagogy and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work within organizations.

My research has been funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), UC San Diego Chancellors Research Excellence Scholarship (CRES), and the UC San Diego Department of Sociology.

You can learn more about some of my projects below:

Work in Progress

PROJECT: Why the Passion Paradigm Works click to read

The Passion Paradigm

PROJECT: The Passion Paradigm click to read


PROJECT: The Passion Paradigm: Why The Ideology of Work Passion Thrives in the New Economy click to read

Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics

PROJECT: Patient Motivations click to read

Journal of Cultural Economy

PROJECT: Money and Meaning click to read

Culture Section

Four Questions for Lindsay DePalma click to read


PROJECT: Curriculum Assessment contents confidential

Paper in Progress

PROJECT (in progress): Gendered Passion


PROJECT: Patient narratives of hope in stem cell technologies click to read

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