Student, Field Methods

Professor DePalma was an incredible professor. She worked hard in providing us with things we needed in order to do well. She was always making sure that the students understood what was happening in the class and what she was asking of us.

Student, Economy and Society


Erinlynn Heinrichsen, PhD

Instructional Developer

Teaching and Learning Commons, UC San Diego

You are a clear and animated speaker- easy to follow you and enjoyable to listen to. You related much of the material directly to the lives of the students and encouraged them to recognize that connection by drawing from what they know already.

Students feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas. 

Erica Bender, PhD

Associate Director, Writing + Critical Expression Hub

Teaching and Learning Commons, UC San Diego

By far one of Lindsay’s strengths in teaching is her level of organization and prep. It is very clear that Lindsay carefully plans every element in the class, from time management to clicker questions. For this reason, Lindsay has a commanding presence in the classroom – it’s clear that she knows what she’s doing. But it is also clear that she is approachable and cares about the students’ experiences in her class, so while she has authority she is not authoritative. 

Student, Methods

Thank you for helping me so much last week and really showing me you do care about my performance in this class. It really opened my eyes and gave me the motivation I needed to keep going.

Undergrad Mentee, RA program

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful mentor. I appreciate you and all I have learned throughout this RA process. Your work inspires me and I hope that one day I can contribute something of similar value.  

Stanley Chodorow, PhD

UCSD Emeritus in History

Led Dissertation Writing Workshop sponsored by the Institute of Arts and Humanities

Lindsay's participation in the workshop was stellar. Her comments on other students' chapters were perceptive and constructive. She often saw issues others did not notice. She made her comments and criticisms in a way and in a tone that made them effective and helpful.

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