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DePalma, Lindsay. 2020. “The Passion Paradigm: Professional Adherence to and Consequences of the Ideology of “Do What You Love.” Sociological Forum

                          *winner of ASA's 2020 best graduate student paper, Culture Section


Current R & Rs:

DePalma, Lindsay, Lauren D. Olsen, and John Evans. “Direct and Indirect Hope in Novel Medical Technologies: Stem Cells and the Power of the Natural.” (R & R at Sociology of Health and Illness).


In conjunction with UCSD's Education Research and Assessment Hub, I have been hired for the 2019-2020 academic year as a graduate research assistant to help the Department of Sociology assess their undergraduate program.

After analyzing survey data and curriculum maps, I produced an internal report for the Department of Sociology and an abridged report for WASC detailing academic gaps, redundancies, and misalignments in the Sociology program. Our goals are to propose and get approval for strategies to integrate curriculum and assessment to improve the overall undergraduate program. My final report includes proposals for both immediate and long-term changes/initiatives.

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